About Me

George Iacovacci

Entrepreneur,  Consultant,  Business Coach & Charity Fundraiser

George Iacovacci is a Social Entrepreneur and Consultant recognized for helping CEO’s and business leaders grow their business by connecting with their customers and expanding their network.  He has utilized the latest strategies in relationship marketing and social networking, to increase business.

George is more than just a successful marketing expert he is also a leading authority with putting the right people and companies together for a successful partnership. He has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar marketing deals and/or strategic partnerships with companies such as Yahoo, Disney, Microsoft and many others.

A partner with Creating Greatness Team. Mr Iacovacci leads a social networking company that distributes premium healthy products and donates the retail proceeds to his prevent hunger initiative and other charitable organizations

Mr. Iacovacci resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys serving on multiple boards and advisory committees including corporate and non profit.
George has experienced success in a number of areas such as:
  • CEO/Entrepreneur of a number of start-ups
  • Social Media/Social Media Strategist
  • Google + Community Manager
  • Charity/ Charity Events/Fundraiser
  • Fitness Industry Senior Executive
  • Gaming/Poker industry
  • Marketing
  • Board Member For Profit Corporations and Non Profits
  • Advisory Council- Non Profit Charities
Family Man:
Mr. Iacovacci is Married 22 years with two daughters and two beautiful granddaughters
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Entrepreneur | Strategy Consultant | HootSuite Ambassador | Top 1% Social Media. I help businesses & entrepreneurs create what matters.