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In addition to helping many business leaders and companies greatly expand their business through our private consulting practice our management team was recently selected to help a very successful Harvard Economist with his digital marketing strategy to launch his latest company and his new charitable foundation. This gentleman has already taken 11 companies and built them each to over a billion dollars in annual revenue. You will recognize many of his company names. He has created tremendous wealth along the way for many of his partners and now he plans to have this new venture become his largest and most successful company to date. We are honored to be participating in the growth of this company that will become his life legacy.

We also have established clients who have transformed their business through our social media and digital marketing strategy. Some now handle more than 90% of their sales online and continue to grow year over year.

If you are interested in learning more and potentially working with us feel free to contact me at the number below or leave me your email. I would enjoy learning more about your brand.

We are also involved in a couple of exciting social entrepreneurship projects:

We are helping the manufacturer of some of the healthiest foods on the planet create a means to help get their nutrients to children in need throughout the world. We will accomplish this through our new and upcoming Prevent Hunger campaign supporting the 43 For Kids Foundation. The Foundation’s strategic marketing campaign will be launching soon. If you are interested in helping out or participating feel free to contact me.

We are helping a Film Production Company and a former U.S Marine raise more awareness and help feed more kids by promoting the upcoming Refugee Film. This is a documentary about the largest refugee crisis since World War II and will feature the “Bread Man” who is single handily feeding thousands of refugees in northern Iraq.

Let us help your company create greatness.

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